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    Anthony Gerard McGrew

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    Anthony Gerard McGrew



    Name: Anthony Gerard McGrew

    Citizenship: British

    Qualifications: B.Sc. (Hons) (2:1) ‘Politics and International Studies’ Southampton University, July 1976.

    Ph.D. Southampton University, 1988.

    Email: McGrew@shu.edu.cn


    Authored Books
    1.The American Political Process, (1990) (With R. Maidment) 2nd Edition, Sage, London.
    2.Global Transformations: Politics, Economics and Culture (1999) with D. Held, Polity Press, Cambridge. (Subsequently published in 10 other language editions including Chinese, Japanese and Spanish).
    3.Globalismo e antoglobalismo (2001) with D.Held,Universale Paperbacks,Bologna.
    4.Prose contras da globalizacao (2001) with D.Held,Jorge Zahar,Rio de Janeiro.
    5.Globalization and Anti-Globalization (2002) with D.Held ,Polity Press,Cambridge,pp158.(Subsequently published in ten other language editions including Chinese, Japanese ,Spanish,Italian,Portuguese ).
    6.Globalization/Antiglobalization: Beyond the Great Divide with D.Held (2007 2nd revised and expanded edition), Polity Press, and Cambridge.
    7.G.Stoker ,A.McGrew et al. (2011) Prospects for  Citizenship  (London, Continuum)

    Edited Books
    1.Global Politics, ed. with P. Lewis (1992) Polity Press, Cambridge. (With D. Held, S. Hall) Modernity and its Futures (1992), Polity Press, Cambridge.
    2.Empire: The United States in the 20th Century, (1994) Hodder and Stoughton, London.
    3.The Transformation of Democracy? Globalization and Territorial Democracy, (1997) Polity Press, Cambridge.
    4.Asia-Pacific in the New World Order, (1998) with C. Brook, Routledge, London.
    5.The Global Transformations Reader, (2000) editor with D. Held, Polity Press, Cambridge.
    6.Empire: The United States in the Twentieth Century, (2000) editor, Second Edition,Hodder and Stoughton,London.
    7.Governing Global Transformations: Power, Authority and Global Governance, (2002) ed.with D.Held, Polity Press, Cambridge, pp370.
    8.The Globalization Reader Second Edition (2003), edited with D.Held, Polity Press, Cambridge, pp400.
    9.Globalization, Development and Human Security, (2006) edited with N.Poku, Polity Press, Cambridge, pp198.
    10.Globalization Theory: Approaches and Controversies, (2007) edited with D.Held, Polity Press, Cambridge, pp273.

    Selected  Refereed Articles
    1.‘Nuclear Revisionism: The US and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act of 1978’ (1979) Millennium –  Journal of International Studies, vol.7 no.3, p.237-250.
    2.‘The Political Dynamics of the New Environmentalism’ (1990) Industrial Crisis Quarterly vol.4, pp.291–305.
    3.(With D. Held) ‘Globalization and the Liberal Democratic State’ (1993) Government and Opposition, vol.28, no.2, Spring, pp.261–285.
    4.‘The Globalization of Economic Activity’ (1997) with J. Perraton, D. Held and D. Goldblatt New Political Economy, vol.2 no.2, pp.257–277.
    5.‘Economic Globalization and the Nation-State: Shifting Balances of Power’ (1997) with D. Goldblatt, D. Held and J. Perraton, Alternatives, September, no.3.
    6.‘The Globalization Debates: Putting the Advanced Capitalist State in its Place’ (1998) Global Society, vol.12 no.3 pp.299–322.
    7.‘Realism vs. Cosmopolitanism: A Debate Between Barry Buzan and David Held, conducted by A. McGrew’ (1998),Review of International Studies, vol.24, pp.387– 398.
    8.‘The End of the Old Order?: Globalization and the Prospects for World Order’ ( 1998) (with D. Held) Review of International Studies vol.24 no.4., December,pp
    9.‘Democratising Global Governance’ (1999) , Theoria , Special Issue on Globalization ,no., pp
    10.‘Reforming Globalization: a manifesto for a humane global future’(2001),FeatureReview,New Political Economy,v,pp
    11.‘Between Two Worlds : Europe in a Globalizing Era’,Government and Opposition,v37,no 3,(2002),pp.343-358
    12.‘Globalization and Distorted Global Governance : Towards Cosmopolitan Social Democracy’ (2002) pp19-27 in Globalizzazione e Solidarieta,Edizioni Studium Roma.
    13.‘Towards Cosmopolitan Social Democracy’with D.Held (2002),Progressive Politics,v1,1,September,pp71-75.
    14.‘Between Two Worlds: Europe in a Globalizing Era’, Government and Opposition, v37, no 3, (2002), pp.343-358
    15.‘Globalization and Distorted Global Governance: Towards Cosmopolitan Social Democracy’ (2002) pp19-27 in Globalizzazione e Solidarieta,Edizioni Studium Roma.
    16.‘Towards Cosmopolitan Social Democracy’with D.Held (2002), Progressive Politics,v1,1,September,pp71-75.







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