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    Iris Borowy

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    Iris Borowy



    Iris Borowy,Research Focus:(History of) Sustainable development; Environmental history; international organizations; global health; links between environmental and socio-economic history and social determinants of health.

    Grants and Awards:

    2018 Shanghai Magnolia Award, http://en.sh-italent.com/2018-09/14/c_271109.htm.

    2018 Annual Scientific Research Single Award - Second Prize for High-end Papers.

    2017 Shanghai University: Outstanding research award (CLA).

    2015 Visiting Fellowship of Birkbeck Institute of the Humanities.

    2015 Donald Worster Travel Grant, ASEH (American Society for Environmental History).

    Email: borowyiris@i.shu.edu.cn


    Edited Volumes
    1.Iris Borowy and Matthias Schmelzer (eds.), The History of the Future of Economic Growth: Historical roots of current debates on sustainable degrowth, Milton Park: Routledge 2017.
    Articles:Peer Reviewed
    1.Iris Borowy,“The 1971 Prague Conference on Problems Related to Environment – a Forgotten Contribution to International Environmentalism.” Arcadia. Explorations in Environmental History. Spring 2019, 11. http://www.environmentandsociety.org/arcadia/1971-prague-conference-problems-related-environment-forgotten-contribution-international
    2.Iris Borowy, “Before UNEP: Who is in Charge of International Environment? The struggle for institutional responsibility 1968 – 1972?” Journal of Global History (2019), 14: 1, 87–106.
    3.Iris Borowy,“Science and Technology for Development in a Postcolonial World. Negotiations at the United Nations, 1960–1980,“ NTM Zeitschrift für Geschichte der Wissenschaften, Technik und Medizin / Journal of the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine, 26 (2018) 1, 31-62.
    4.Walter Bruchhausen / Iris Borowy, Development aid and solidarity work: Health related activities in low-income countries by West and East Germany during the 1950s and 1970s, Gesnerus 74 (2017), 2, 173–187)
    5.Iris Borowy,“The Hospital Carlos Marx – the Politics of Solidarity between Biomedicine and Primary Health Care.” História, Ciências, Saúde – Manguinho 24 (2017) 2, 411-428.
    6.Iris Borowy/Jean-Louis Aillon,“Sustainable Health and Degrowth: Health,Health Care and Society beyond the Growth Paradigm,”Social Theory & Health, 2017.15(3)2017,346–368.full text under: http://rdcu.be/qEtQ
    7.Iris Borowy,“Sustainable Development in Brundtland and Beyond: how (not) to reconcile material wealth, environmental limits and just distribution,” in: Estelita Vaz, Arnaldo Melo, and Cristina Joanaz de Melo, (eds.), Environmental History in the Making Vol. I (New York: Springer, 2017), 91-108.
    Articles:Other Articles and Book Chapters
    1.Iris Borowy, “Sustainability and redistribution.” In: James Meadowcroft et al. (eds.), What's Next for Sustainable Development? Our Common Future at Thirty. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2019, 120-137.
    2.Iris Borowy, “Is Wealth Good for your Health? Some Thoughts on the Fateful Triangle of Health,” PEAH – Policies for Equitable Access to Health. 19 March 2019. http://www.peah.it/2019/03/6507/
    3.Iris Borowy, “Global Health.” In: Forrest Kilimnik and Matthias Middell (eds.), Routledge Handbook of Transregional Studies. Milton Park / New York: Routledge 2019, 329-337.
    4.Iris Borowy, The history of sustainable development and the United Nations. In: Jeremy Caradona (ed.), Routledge Handbook of the History of Sustainability, Milton Park: Routledge 2018, 151-163.
    5.Iris Borow, Medicine, economics and foreign policy: East German Medical Academics in the Global South during the 1950s and 1960s. In: Phil Muehlenbeck and Natasha Telepneva (eds.), Warsaw Pact Intervention in the Third World, London / New York: I.B. Tauris 2018, 173-196.
    6.Iris Borowy, “Negotiating the Environment: The Making of the OECD Environment Committee and the Polluter Pays Principle, 1968-1972.”  In: Matthieu Leimgruber and Matthias Schmelzer (eds.), The OECD and the International Political Economy since 1948, London: Palgrave Macmillan 2017, 311-334.
    7.Iris Borowy / Matthias Schmelzer, “Introduction: the end of economic growth in long-term perspective.” In: Iris Borowy and Matthias Schmelzer (eds.), History of the Future of Economic Growth. Historical Roots of Current Debates on Sustainable Degrowth. Milton Park: Routledge 2017, 1-26.
    8.Iris Borowy,  “Economic growth and health: evidence, uncertainties and connections over time and place.” In: Iris Borowy and Matthias Schmelzer (eds.), History of the Future of Economic Growth. Historical Roots of Current Debates on Sustainable Degrowth. Milton Park: Routledge 2017, 129–153.
    Book Reviews
    1.Hsiang-Lin Lei: Neither Donkey Nor Horse, Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press 2014. In: East Asian Science, Technology, and Medicine (EASTM) 44, 2017.






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