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    Antonio Zapata

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    Antonio Zapata



    I hold a PhD in History of Latin America from Columbia University in New York. I work as a Distinguish Professor of Latin American History at College of Liberal Arts, Shanghai University, China. I am specialized in Peruvian ad Latin-American Contemporary History.

    Email: zapata2018@shu.edu.cn


    1.The Fall of the Velasco’s Regime, Lima: Random House, 2018.
    2.The ennemies speak: History of the Shinning Path War, Lima: Random House, 2017.
    3.History of the PUCP Co-author with Jorge Lossio, Lima: PUCP Editorial Fund, 2017.
    4.Thinking right-winged: intelectual and political history, Lima: Planeta Editorial, 2016.
    Book Chapters
    1.“The long march of the half blood: Peruvian identity of the 20th century” in Jorge Aragon, (editor) Political participation, competence and representation; contributions for the debate, Lima: IEP-JNE, 2016.
    2.“Political life in contemporary Peru”, in Peru, the search for democracy, in Latin America in contemporary history, collection directed by Carlos Contreras, tome 5 coordinated by Antonio Zapata, Madrid. MAPFRE, 2015.
    Academic Articles
    1.“The Bolivian question” in Arguments, IEP electronic magazine, March 2014.
    2.“In honor of the truth” in Arguments, IEP electronic magazine, May 2012.
    3.“The Commission of Truth and Reconciliation and the media in Ayacucho and Lima. Work documents. Lima: IEP, November 2010.
    4.“Generations and Independence” in Arguments, IEP electronic magazine, September 2010.
    Difusion Articles
    1.Weekly column “It Happened” La República newspaper, 2007-2017
    2.Javier: the life of a warrior, 1948-2013. Lima: La República, 2013
    3.“Women writers” in Woman, voice and thought. Round table about Clorinda Matto de Turner and Mercedes Cabello de Carbonera. Lima: Derrama Magisterial, March 2009.

    1.PUCP Research Vice-rectory. “The conflict with Chile during Velasco’s government”, 2013.
    2.PUCP Research Vice-rectory. “The acts of the general. The  debates in the Ministry Council during Juan Velasco’s government”, 1968-1975”, 2012.
    3.Proetica. Research about corruption in the History of Peru, 2013.
    4.Derrama Magisterial. Research about the Peruvian educative thought during the 1930-1956 ´period, 2010. Book publication.
    5.IEP. Researches about inequality in the republican period.. Historiographic bases of the researches about inequality, 2010. Book publication.

    Cultural Production
    1.Educational video game  for high school students “1814 Cusco’s Rebellion”, Avatar Group, PUCP, 2014.
    2.Director and host of  “It Happened in Peru”, weekly cultural TV show specialized in History, Channel 7, Peruvian Radio and Television Institute (IRTP), 2000-2009.





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